Anger Management Group

This group teaches skills, promotes personal growth and facilitates behavioral change.

Appropriate candidates for this group are motivate to change attitudes and behaviors, have clear coachable goals and make a commitment to attend all ten sessions. Over the course of the ten sessions participants learn and practice several coping strategies including body-based mindful practice that improve and support emotion regulation and behavior change. Participants will be given homework of various kinds geared towards enhancing motivation, establishing attitude and behavioral changes, improving communication and relational skills and developing confidence in the capacity to maintaining appropriate emotional regulation.

A prerequisite for registration for this group is one or two individual introductory meeting with Paul Scoglio or Peter Anderson. The goal of the meeting(s) is to establish the participant's personal goals, and to brief and screen to assure a good fit for the prospective participant. The prospective candidates will learn what to expect from group participation and what will be expected from them. To arrange a meeting call Paul at 978-921-8400 or Peter at 978-879-6476.

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The process, design and format for this group are outside of the parameters set by insurance companies defining psychotherapy groups.