Paul Scoglio

Human connection is the most important aspect of life. My mission it to guide individuals and couples to create deep harmonious connections, to restore warmth and intimacy, and to facilitate thoughtful functional communication in relationships.

Scoglio Relationship Coaching and Counseling, is where couples navigate changes in their relationship or marriage, resolve differences, restore and strengthen their love for each other and communicate their way through transitions. With over forty years of experience as marriage and family counselor, I offer a safe non-judgmental forum for couples to move toward greater authenticity and understanding of themselves and their partner.

Couples ask me for help with co-parenting, recovery for substance abuse, healing after an affair, or accepting loss. The process is collaborative and tailored to the needs of the couple. The sessions can be with the individuals, with the couple or a blend of the two formats. The way we start and proceed, depends on what makes sense for the couple, and the nature of the issue presented.

With over twenty-three years of experience as an individual, group and leadership coach, I believe all clients are creative, resourceful, whole, and they are one hundred percent responsible for their change process. This foundation of respect helps to facilitate and create mutual respect within the couple relationship.

My strengths as a guide, counselor and coach are: a keen interest in seeing people become the best version of themselves, knowing how to move people out of their heads and into their hearts when they speak, understanding the futility of repeating what no longer works in life, and a knack at pointing the way toward refreshing possibilities for positive change.

My interactive style draws from past training and practice in areas of psychodynamic psychotherapy, family systems therapy, somatic experiencing trauma therapy, play therapy with children, adolescent counseling, substance abuse recovery, short-term solution-focused psychotherapy,

As with all humans, we have our stories, our feelings and our unconscious behavior patterns, that can sometimes interfere with reaching our goals. A large part of my process with clients includes developing and maintaining a grounded connection with their body as the means to enhance personal presence, avoid dissociation, and facilitate intimacy and peak performance.


The coaching process establishes a format for change and accomplishment that is collaboratively designed with the client. This format includes the exploration of the goals, values, passions, dreams, innate-gifts, strengths, past successes, vision for the future and life purpose.  Read More


Counseling and psychotherapy provides relational support and creates a safe space for: intentional healing, mindful and successful recovery, and hope and joy in change and transformation into a better life. Read More

Education and Development Programs

Experiential, educational and transformational opportunities include individual coaching, clinical supervision and Life Energy retreats.  Read More