Paul Scoglio

People choose relationship coaching to navigate changes, resolve differences, deepen connection, create harmony, heal wounds, and/or bring closure to a phase in relationship. Relationship coaching begins with the assumptions that each member of the partnership is creative, resourceful, whole, and fully responsible, for what happens to create change. Couples coaching works!

For over 36 years I has been successfully consulting with parents, families and couples to create more fulfilling family and partnership relationships. I brings 19 years experience as an individual, group and leadership development coach to the process of change, relational enrichment and personal transformation.

With clients I see what is no longer works and engage relational curiosity and motivation for partners to let go of old patterns of behavior, unproductive perspectives and restrictive beliefs. Guiding couples to strengthen relationship bonds, to communicate more effectively, to embrace differences, to resolve conflicts, and to allow growth to occur is my mission.

My interactive style draws from past training and practice in areas of psychodynamic psychotherapy, family systems therapy, play therapy with children, adolescent counseling, substance abuse treatment, short-term solution-focused psychotherapy, employee assistance program counseling and coaching, and extensive training as a life and leadership coach.

I focus on nurturing relationships, that is, nurturing relationship with self and with others. A large part of my process with clients includes developing and maintaining a grounded connection with self as the means to enhance personal presence, intimacy and peak performance for meeting life’s challenges.


The coaching process is always collaboratively designed with the client. This includes an exploration of the goals, values, passions, dreams, innate-gifts, strengths, past successes, vision and life purpose. Read More


Counseling and psychotherapy can result in a number of benefits, including improving interpersonal relationships, emotional healing and resolution of the specific concerns that lead clients to seek my services. Read More

Education and Development Programs

Additional modalities to coaching and counseling include providing continuing educational seminars for professionals and other interested individuals. Read More