Coaching Services

The coaching is for those who are itching for change, to manifest an idea, grow a process, build a community or a relationship. I co-actively facilitate moving forward with whatever is the client’s goal. The process may include exploration of several possible goals, and the client’s values, passions, dreams, innate-gifts, strengths, past successes, vision and purpose. Plans of action are collaboratively designed with my client to move forward into accomplishment of the goal(s).

Individual Coaching

Individuals come for coaching to make a change, create something new, accomplish a goal, develop an idea, process, strategize, or navigate through some kind of transition. The coaching process is collaboratively designed with each individual client.

Couples and Partners Coaching

Human connection is the most important thing in life. Couples with coaching begins with the assumptions that each member of the partnership wants to sustain and improve their connection, and that each person is creative, resourceful and whole. We begin with the idea that no one gets to be wrong or be made wrong, instead they are seen as adults fully responsible for whatever happens and responsible for cleaning up any mistakes or messes occurring within the relationship. Coaching assesses what works, what does not work, and what is needed to improve the relationship. The process involves establishing a vision for change and growth, followed up by a process that supports the development of plans for that growth, and actions to implement change.

Parent and Family Coaching

Collaborative parenting can be a challenge. Each parent has had different experiences (growing up themselves in different families) and ideas about parenting. Parenting is an evolving process that changes as children age.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Showing up as a trusted leader requires leveraging every talent, gift, strength and asset the leader possesses to move other people forward towards some defined vision, mission and purpose.