Coaching Services

The coaching process includes an exploration of the client’s goals, values, passions, dreams, innate-gifts, strengths, past successes, vision and life purpose. From there a plan of action is negotiated with the client to move him or her to accomplishment.

Coaching includes development/enhancement of the client’s sense of personal authenticity, personal authority, and the capacity to show up in life 100% ready, willing and able to be present, receptive and responsive in the moment.

The meeting structure and time frame are flexible and worked out with the client. Some clients meet weekly others every 2 to 6 weeks. Scheduled meeting are in person, via video-conference or phone.

Individual Coaching

The coaching process is always collaboratively designed with the client. All clients are seen as creative resourceful, whole and fully responsible for their lives. As the coach, I offer a variety of structures that clients can accept, reject, or modify.

Couples and Partners Coaching

Couples coaching works! It is a way of facilitating or navigating changes. It serves couples by deepening connection, creating harmony, resolving differences, healing wounds of past conflict, and/or bringing closure to a phase in the relationship.

Parent and Family Coaching

Collaborative parenting can be a challenge. Each parent has had different experiences (growing up themselves in different families) and ideas about parenting. Parenting is an evolving process that changes as children age.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Showing up as a trusted leader requires leveraging every talent, gift, strength and asset the leader possesses to move other people forward towards some defined vision, mission and purpose.