Coaching – Leadership and Executive

A position of leadership is a position of responsibility, and authority. On some level we are all potentially leaders. Leadership happens when we take 100% responsibility for our lives and live authentically. Living authentically means our personal authority will be evident and others will see us as leaders. From another perspective, leaders are people who find or want others to look to them for vision, inspiration, direction, guidance, hope and trust. The trust of others is essential because that trust means they are allowing the leader to hold authority over them.

The process of coaching leaders or those aspiring to be leaders involves enhancing the leaders communication skills, amplifying their emotional intelligence, developing tools for being at ease with turmoil that shows up in the community/environment, leading from authenticity without use of force, expanding capacity to build rapport, confidence and joy. All this happens in a context of support for the leader’s values, encouragement of the leader’s strategic thinking, and a flexible structure that sustains development and movement towards success.

The process includes an exploration of the client’s goals, values, passions, dreams, innate-gifts, strengths, past successes, vision and life purpose. From there a plan of action is negotiated with the client to move him or her to accomplishment. Coaching includes development/enhancement of the client’s sense of personal authenticity, personal authority, and the capacity to show up in life 100% ready, willing and able to be present, receptive and responsive in the moment. The meeting structure and time frame are flexible and worked out with the client. Some clients meet weekly others every 2 to 6 weeks. Scheduled meeting are in person, via video-conference or phone.