Coaching – Parents and Family

Successful parenting requires couples to find ways to communicate and collaborate. Collaborative parenting means finding ways to encompass the best of both parental styles to respond to the changing behaviors and needs of their children.

Parenting coaching helps parents create new adaptive patterns as their children age. Good communication and collaborative support facilitates positive parenting around the variety of challenges that arise. Coaching with young couples helps establish this collaboration early in the family’s development. As with all clients, the coaching process is designed by the parent(s) and coach. All clients are seen as creative, resourceful, whole and fully responsible for their lives.

All clients are seen as creative resourceful, whole and fully responsible for their lives. As the coach, I offer a variety of structures that clients can pick from or modify.  Together we regularly assess the process and progress. Whenever need we redesign the partnership to better move towards the accomplishment of goals. Coaching activates and expands the client’s sense of personal authenticity, personal authority, and their capacity to show up in life 100% ready, willing and able to be present, receptive and responsive, in any moment to achieve the best outcomes with parenting.

The meeting structure and time frame are flexible and worked out with the client. Some clients meet weekly others every two or every three, four, five or six weeks. Scheduled meeting are via video-conference or phone.