Counseling Services

Counseling for Adults

When counseling with adults, my style is interactive and whenever possible, coach like. The aim is to create the best connection possible with the client, one which creates a sense of safety, acceptance and comfort with the process of exploring concerns. Collaboratively we plan for a successful resolution or accomplishment, and at the client’s desired pace, we moving forward towards change and/or healing.

Counseling for Adolescents and Children

My work with children began in graduate school, on my clinical social work internships. I have been counseling children and adolescents ever since. “Children are the future” and deserve every opportunity to grow, be understood, encouraged and guided into adulthood. Working with adolescents and children always involves ongoing participation from parents. Sometimes the parents actively participate throughout the counseling and sometime they will meet with me periodically for consultation and coaching around discipline, communication, co-parenting and single or divorced parent issues. Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for preserving trust and confidence in the counseling relationship. The guidelines for confidentiality are established in the beginning with both parents and child.