Training and Education

I am affiliated with two training organizations, Body of 9 ( and 9 Life Energies ( Both of these organizations offer experiential educational opportunities, which include Body of 9 workshops with author and coach Susan B. Fisher and her co-author Martin Fisher; and 9 Life Energies workshops and international retreats with author and coach Morten Nygård.

These programs provide individuals and health care providers with a practice and methodology for embodied transformation of self and others.  The powerful understanding of the 9 Life Energies and 9 Natural Numbers inspire and expand one’s capacity to see the individual magnificence in oneself and in others.

Training Opportunities Available:

  • Continuing education for licensed health care providers
  • 9 Energies workshops with author and coach Susan B. Fisher
  • 9 Life Energies workshop with author and coach Morten Nygård.
  • Vision and values training for leadership teams
  • Community service education for non-profit programs
  • Sales training groups with author and coach Steve Lentini

Past Experiential Courses – for Health Care Professionals and Non-Professionals

  • 9 Life Energies Retreat – Seven Days Embodying the 9 Life Energies, May 2023 in Mallorca, Spain
  • 9 Life Energies Pre-Retreat and Retreat – Eight Days Embodying the 9 Life Energies, August 2022 in Lovund, Norway
  • 9 Energies™ – 9 Ways of Being Human -The Diversity of Human Experience Sunday November 10, 2019
  • 9 Energies™ – 9 Ways of Being Human -The Diversity of Human Experience Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • Activating the Natural Energies, Bozeman, MT. September 20-22, 2019 Montana CE credits approved
  • How Your Body Informs You* – January 17-19 2019 – Bozeman MT, January 25-26 2019 – MT CE Credits Approved
  • Ennead Method Identifications and Training* – September 5-8 2018 Oslo, Norway  
  • Nine Body-Based Tools for Self-Management & Symptom Reduction*  – September 28-29, 2012 – Beverly MA  9-Ways-of-Living-Oct2019-.pdf

* The purpose of these programs is to share the powerful benefits of the 9 Life Energies practices and demonstrate how they are easily integrated into one’s life, the practices of health care providers and those in other helping or service professions.

Leadership Development

Education, consultation and training with leaders are a specialty area involving one on one coaching with a leader or with a team of leaders. In the latter case a team of leadership coaches is engaged. For more information send and email to or call 1-978-921-8400.